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Kaleidoscope Eyes
26th-Jan-2009 10:49 pm
Just an ever-growing list of fics that I enjoy/adore/cried buckets of heartbroken tears over ♥ Sorted by fandom! You can probably glean a good idea of my ships and tastes from here, but I always welcome recs of any kind!

Rhythm of the Rain by damagectrl | Zuko/Katara, complete
Water Wedding by Atiaran | Zuko/Katara, complete

A Bittersweet Potion by Alchemia Dent & Bugland | Snape/Harry, complete
Blood Magic by gatewaygirl | Snape+Harry, gen, complete
Clipped Wings by Theresa Ann Wymer | Snape/Harry, one-shot
Duel and Dumbledore's Men by jocelyncs | Snape+Harry, gen, complete
Love and Loyalty by jocelyncs | Percy+Harry, gen, complete
Sticks and Stones by PhantomTF | Snape+Harry, gen, complete
The Tea Series by Telanu | Snape/Harry, complete

Colorless by dyaoka | Mukuro/Tsuna, one-shot
Empty Bottles by dyaoka | Mukuro/Tsuna, one-shot
Neither Distance Nor Time by furiosity | Yamamoto/Gokudera, one-shot
Pineapples, Tuna and Hamsters by dyaoka | Mukuro/Tsuna, AU, multi-shot
Solfège by ranty_rie | Yamamoto/Gokudera, one-shot
Unilateral by ranty_rie | Yamamoto/Squalo, Xanxus/Squalo, one-shot
Untitled by mishmel | Mukuro/Tsuna, one-shot

very much under construction~! ♥
Anchored In Dust by fahye_fic | Naruto/Sasuke, one-shot
At the End of All Things by Silvaren | Naruto/Sasuke, complete
Avoiding the Issue by sadieko | Naruto/Sasuke, one-shot
Because We Three Are One by muffytaj | Naruto/Sasuke/Sakura, one-shot
Blood Equals Thicker by Klayter McCabe | Sasuke+Itachi, gen, one-shot
Façade by rhaella | Itachi/Kisame, one-shot
Gloss by fahye_fic | Naruto/Sasuke, one-shot
In Their Love - II by hanakage | Naruto/Sasuke, complete
Like A Love Song by sowell | Naruto/Sasuke/Sakura/Sai, one-shot
The Listening Sky - II by fahye_fic | Naruto/Sasuke, complete
Lucky Bachelorette Number Two by ronsard | Naruto/Sasuke, one-shot
Relative Humidity by two_if_by_sea | Naruto/Sasuke, one-shot
Roommates by ffw_sarge | Naruto/Sasuke, AU, complete
Solfège by fahye_fic | Naruto/Sasuke, Shikamaru/Temari, various POV, one-shot
Talking For The Dead by fahye_fic | Sai-centric, Naruto/Sakura(/Sasuke), one-shot
Three Weeks, She Sleeps by jc_eastling | Team 7-centric, Naruto/Sasuke, one-shot
Touch The Parade - II by ceresi | Naruto/Sasuke, complete
Triage by fahye_fic | Naruto/Sasuke/Sakura, one-shot
Two If By Sea by sowell | Naruto/Sasuke, one-shot
War of Affections by officialbizness | Naruto/Sasuke, one-shot
When The House Falls Down and The Relic by sowell | Naruto/Sasuke, complete - PRETTY MUCH MY FAVOURITE FIC EVER

After the Dust Has Cleared, When All Is Said And Done and Que Quieres En La Vida by evilmissbecky | Sands/El, complete
Black by Martian Aries | Sands/El, one-shot
Come To Your Senses by l-dhenson | Sands/El, complete
End Game by evilmissbecky | Sands/El, complete
Kingdom of the Blind - II - III - IV by xzombiexkittenx | Sands/El, complete
La Canción de los Pistolas by Auburn | Sands/El, complete
Past the Mission by erinya | Sands/El, one-shot
Secrets and Lies by evilmissbecky | Sands/El, complete
Synaesthete by riverkwago | Sands/El, one-shot
To Sleep by l-dhenson | Sands/El, one-shot

WHEEL OF TIME (... yeah, most of these are Asmodean fics. HOW SURPRISING.)
Asmodean by Durelin | Asmodean+Lanfear, gen, chaptered
Common Nightmares by Niani | Asmodean+Rand, gen, one-shot
Defining Lives by cat_alex | Asmodean-centric, complete
Deliverance by Ever1 | Asmodean/Rand, one-shot
Drawn by ersatz_iolo | Mat/Tuon, one-shot
A Dream Within a Dream by TEOL | Asmodean-centric, one-shot
Echos by youko_koenma | Galad+Rand, gen, one-shot
Forsaken Tales by TEOL | The Forsaken, gen, complete
Friendship by youko_koenma | Galad-centric, one-shot
The Legend that was Nemene by sidious7 | Semirhage-centric, complete
Love is Blind by minviendha | various, crack pairings, multi-shot
Parable of the Harpist by Niani | Asmodean+Rand, gen, one-shot
Requiem by rhaella | Asmodean-centric, one-shot
The Search of Truth by TEOL | Asmodean+various, gen, complete
So Long in the Dark by Niani | Asmodean+Rand, gen, one-shot
A Strange Conversation by minviendha | Asmodean+Mat, gen, one-shot
Tea With The Creator by zorpisuttle | various, gen, multi-shot
A Time to Dance by ersatz_iolo | Mat/Egwene, one-shot
Waking Secrets by VercisIsolde | Rand/Mat, one-shot
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